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 Kurzfassung / deutschsprachig: 5 % Ihres Einkaufes werden für gemeinwohldienliche Zwecke verwendet.
 === Ausführlicher: Offizielle englischsprachige Definition: ===

mam7.com Social Shopping:
 mam7.com is an automated selection tool for products and services. It enables resellers to enter and to sell products. For orders caused by this site resellers have to agree to spend 5 % of the order volume for some subject of common interest, like education, knowledge, science, helpful health information, innovation.

 Remark:  5++ % is the usual fee paid by many resellers otherwise to huge commercial online market places.
 mam7.com is connected with coordination channels to redirect these contributions directly to humans doing such tasks of common interest. Statistics about the monthly money distribution will be published when regularly exceeding  EURO ~10 000 EUROS /  USD ~12 000.
 Concepts are under development that each buyer can soon decide the activities which will benefinit from his / her 5 %. 

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