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NOUVEAU: - Social Shopping

... le long chemin du monde actuel vers le meilleur des mondes ...

NOUVEAU: - Social Shopping

En anglais, allemand, français (préparé également pour: ES JP PT RU ZH AR ++).

YOUR MONEY - 5 % FOR BILLIONAIRES? On usual on-line sales platforms: ~5++ % fees are paid by your merchants to companies which increase fortunes of millionaires / billionaires worldwide.
YOUR MONEY - 5 % "PAID BACK TO YOU": - DETAILS: Social Shopping
When buying via " Social Shopping", the merchant will donate instead these same ~5 % for high value activities in your language / country: For high level information, education, citizen responsibility, technology innovation, open source software and science, environment protection, for a better world. Money for authors, journalists, technology innovators, inventors, scientists, artists. For those who think and create our future. - RESULTS will be included in new sites made for this: (++ _EN:_ _DE:_ _FR:_ ).
ROBOT SYSTEM: : An automatic virtual viewing system of the Internet cloud (not a business).