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Acceptance of the most important general rules for participation:

  • Do you usually read the many pages of ''TOS Terms of Service'' etc. on Websites? Due to their length, their validity is only very limited.
    This site states the rules with one single sentence: ''Valid law as well as honesty have to be respected by all members.'' -
    Now some important consequences of this rule:

  • RELIABLE: You should not make any offer, suggestion or promise which you can not entirely fulfill.
  • 18 YEARS: if you do not yet have this age: You may not participate in anything resulting in an agreement, contract or whatever which requires a minium age of 18 years. (Example: Purchase/sale with a non-neglectable price.)
  • DIRECT CONTRACT: This site brings 2 members into contact without creating any contractual relationship. Contracts are formed only later and directly between the 2 members. If the later agreements results in any kind of difficulties, this site can consequently ask for time-based fees, if there is a request for information or participation.
  • TRUST IN EACH OTHER: If among the users of this site any declaration or intention can not be maintained or any contract rule is not valid, the remainder is valid. If required, re-interpretation has to take place in order to obtain a result fitting best to the intentions. This also applies to the rules here above.